Face Mapping Can Improve Your Skin’s Health


Did you know that face mapping is a 3,000-year-old practice?

Face mapping is an ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal technique that involves using the pattern of acne development on your face to assess your overall health. According to Eastern medicine, if you are struggling with acne in a certain area of your face, it can be an indicator of an internal weakness or toxicity in a certain organ in the body. Let’s learn some more about face mapping and improve the skin’s health.

Upper forehead

Cause: The upper forehead is linked to the digestive system, large intestines, and the bladder. A breakout in this area means there’s a buildup of toxins in these organs, or that your body is having a hard time breaking down food.

Solution: Drink enough water to flush out toxins. consume drinks that are high in antioxidants, like green tea, matcha, warm water with fruits and berries. You can also try out these simple and delicious drinks to beat acne. To help your body break down foods, eat fruits like pineapple and papaya as they are high in digestive enzymes.

face mapping

Lower forehead

Cause: Pimples in this area are caused by stress and irregular sleeping patterns.

Solution: Try to sleep earlier, ideally around 10-11pm. When you get enough sleep at night, you will wake up feeling well-rested and have less stress throughout the day. Consume foods like leafy greens, yogurt, nuts and dark chocolate to combat stress.

Between eyebrows

Cause: This spot is connected to your liver. Fast food, fried food, greasy food, junk food, sweets can all be the culprit.

Solution: Reduce your saturated fat intake and switch to healthier alternatives. Try to be a little more active and go for a walk or exercise for 30 minutes everyday.


Cause: Acne on your nose reflects your heart health. It could be caused by high blood pressure or stress.

Solution: Try meditating everyday to reduce stress. Add foods like nuts, fish, chia seeds into your diet as they are good for the heart.

face mapping


Cause: This area is linked to our lungs and respiratory system. It could be caused by allergies, pollution, smoking, or consuming too much sugar.

Solution: Avoid smoking and wear a mask when you go out (which we hope you already are due to the ongoing pandemic) to avoid pollution. Clean your surroundings regularly and ventilate your home and room because the indoor levels of pollutants are 2-5 times higher than outdoors.

face mapping

Chin and jawline

Cause: This area is associated with the reproductive organ and kidneys. Hormonal imbalance, kidneys working overtime and excess salt intake could all lead to acne in this area.

Solution: Switch table salt with sea salt, drink plenty of water and eat nutrient dense foods like apples and bananas and include turmeric as a staple spice. We have also shared an easy and effective hormonal acne skincare routine, so check that out here.

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