Fade Acne Scars and Pigmentation Like a Boss!


Say no to acne scars and hyperpigmentation!

Acne scarring and hyperpigmentation can be very stubborn, but rest assured we are here to help you to treat them faster and better. However, in order to treat them, you first need to recognise which type of scars you may see in your skin, which can be divided into two types Рphysical scarring and pigment scarring.

Physical scarring

This is when you have deep holes in your skin. If you brush your fingers across your face, you can easily feel them.


Our skin is reborn every 28-40 days and this process is called cell turnover. To treat physical scars you need to boost this process and assist your skin in generating new and healthy cells. How? Well, there are two ways. Use chemical exfoliants thrice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and use retinol (depending on the strength and your skin’s tolerance) to reverse the damage. To smoothen skin, use products with silicones and niacinamide.


Pigment Scarring

This is the type of scarring that occurs in the form of dark spots after you have experienced acne.


Pigment scarring is a nightmare for people with darker skin tones. Darker skin tones produce more melanin and when they experience acne, this process is triggered and your skin produces even more melanin. To combat this, use brightening agents like hydroquinone, arbutin, vitamin C and niacinamide.

Please keep in mind that the sun causes 90% of the skin damage, and when you are experiencing and treating acne and acne scars, the whole process can go down the drain if you are not wearing sunscreen. Always wear a sunscreen and protect your skin.

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