Get Stunned by these Makeup Free Selfies!!


When you think of celebrities- you always assume that they will have their makeup squad with them at all times. But that isn’t the reality. Working non stop with their face glammed up these gals deserve a break and so does their skin. Sometimes you just want to go au naturel —proving that confidence and a great skin-care routine can come together for an absolutely incredible look.

So we’ve have chosen below a few of our favourite makeup-free celebrity selfies .


Arianda Grande.

A cute butterfly filter showing her naked eyes, free of her usual cat-eye liner. And the singer still looks incredibly lovely.


Camila Cabello.

No that’s no mascara. They are her normal thick black lush lashes that are amplifying her super fresh-face.


Alia Bhatt.

Nothing but natural- just confidence and a beautiful smile with glowing skin.


Mahira Khan.

Finding the perfect beam of sunlight to deliverer her best pose.  A clear makeup free face, with natural flushed lips.


Hania Amir.

Glowy skin oozing freshness is what its about.


Bring out your best features with a MAKEUP FREE selfie.

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