Hair Care Reminders


You hair deserves the best care! These simple hair care reminders will help you get back on track and start loving your hair.

We spend a lot of time and energy on our hair so that they look nice and pretty. But they should also be healthy and beautiful from within. If you take proper care of your hair, you won’t have to spend a lot on products and salon visits. Check them out below:

1. Be gentle

The basic rule of hair care is to be as gentle as possible. Avoid pulling them in tight ponytails and wear them in a tidy braid when you go to bed. Avoid getting too hot or too cold showers. Instead, use lukewarm water to wash your hair and and skin.

hair care

2. Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet

When hair gets wet, it becomes weak and vulnerable. Aggressively brushing your hair will cause more damage. Gently use your fingers to detangle them and use a brush or comb when they are dry.

3. Never forget to apply conditioner

Most often people skip conditioner, however that shouldn’t be the case, specially for color treated hair. Conditioners soften the ends and make them more manageable.

hair care

4. Apply hair oil/conditioning masks weekly

A deep conditioning mask or oil will return your hair’s lost luster and make it healthier.

hair care

5. Reduce heat and styling products

Instead of using a blow dry after shower, let your hair dry on its own. Avoid using too much heat or styling products as they tend to cause damage.

hair care

So here is your hair care reminder. Be kind to your hair, they’ll thank you for a long time.

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