Hair Washing Hacks That Will Save Your Hair


Are you washing your hair wrong? These hacks are made just for you.

We tend to focus on hair products and treatments for growing healthier hair, yet one simple task that often gets overlooked is how we wash it. The truth is, most people are washing their hair wrong and this can put their hair at a disadvantage. Let’s check out some hair washing hacks that will boost shine and add strength to your locks.

1. Use the right temperature of water

There is an old myth that washing your hair with cold water makes them shiny and healthy, but contrary to popular belief, this is not true. Instead, use lukewarm water to open up your hair cuticle, so that dirt and other impurities trapped in the hair can be more easily removed.


2. Rub your scalp in side-to-side motion while shampooing

Many people scrub their hair and scalp in circular motions while shampooing, but this can cause the hair to tangle easily. Furthermore, you can end up roughing up the hair cuticle which can lead to hair loss. So, gently rub your head in side-to-side motions with the shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and reduce the damage.


3. Only shampoo the scalp

The scalp is the part that produces the oil, so you should only focus on the head while shampooing. As for the ends, the shampoo residue that washes down from your scalp is sufficient to cleanse them. However, you do need to apply a conditioner at the ends to add back the hydration and moisture.

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