Haircut Forecast: Hairstylists Predict These Cuts Will be Seen Everywhere in 2022


Let’s peek into the future and see which haircut trends will be seen everywhere.

Trend forecasters and beauty pros have been sharing their predictions for the top hair trends of 2022. And if you want to express yourself with edgier cuts this year, you can start taking notes now.

1. Short French bob

A lot of celebrities have been sporting this haircut, and we’re seeing bobs getting shorter. French bob with natural texture will be one of the most prominent trending hairstyles this year. It works for so many hair types and the key here is to go for soft layering at the ends rather than a blunt line.


2. Textured lob

Due to the pandemic, people’s preferences have changed. They are now going for a more effortless look, as opposed to perfect and polished. Hence, textured, chopped lob is also expected to rule 2022 hair trends.


3. Thick, peek-a-boo bangs


2021 was all about curtain bangs, but in 2022 we’ll be seeing a fresh variation of this haircut. The thick, peek-a-boo bangs are a perfect way to maintain length and add an interesting element to your style.

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