Here is the most trending Balayage right now and its not Gold or Brown!


Don’t bind your balayage to gold and browns when can do a hell of a lot more with it!

What comes to your mind when you want a new look? Run with the trend or praise your own choices. There is a lot that can be done.

Having well died hair is every girl’s dream and what could be a better technique of hair dying these days then Balayage? Balayage is actually a French word meaning “sweeping” as in to sweep on a hair lightener.

Whenever we hear the word all we can think of is golds and browns. While there are a lot of colors you can play with. Let’s take a look at some super hit balayage shades!


  • Ash blond

Ash blonde is the go to hue for women who want to stand out and don’t believe in being a part of the crowd. If you don’t fear the change then you must go with this balayage shade.

  • Red balayage

Red balayage is a hair color that involves a freehand painting technique. If you’re craving for a sizzling look than you must give a try to the beautiful red shade and be the IT girl in town.

  • Blue balayage

It is the most trending balayage on Instagram.  If you’re looking for a young and fresh look go with this sublime shade. Best for university going girls and the ones who are aggressive trend followers.

  • Pink balayage

Pink hair is the best trend for spring. This balayage is basically designed for teens to cherish the freshness like a blooming flower. You can use a hint of different shades like magenta, baby pink, Barbie pink, etc. for more fun.

  • Purple balayage

Purple is a great choice for the carefree trendy lady. Lilac, lavender, plum or violet there’s a variety of purple balayages for all skin tones. These vibrant shades give some real electric energy to your entire vibe.


So ladies, Are you convinced yet? Whether you want a girly, fun, fresh, feminine or edgy look. There is a balayade for every look!

Which colour are you going to choose this spring? Comment below! 



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