Here’s How You Can Make Your Skin Glow


Skin is the body’s largest organ and yet, we neglect it so often. Do you feel guilty about not paying attention to your skin concerns? Sometimes, we do too. But enough with being lazy and sorry because you can achieve that much coveted glow by following these simple tips and pamper yourself a little more.

Get your notebooks ready because we are about to spill some beauty tips and secrets with you.

1. Add hydration

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is essential for our body. But, you also need to use products with hyaluronic acid or glycerin for healthier, happier skin.


2. Get ample sleep

Stop using your phone and go to bed as early as possible. Social media, games and Netflix can be addicting, but getting enough sleep is important for your body and skin. It restores and rejuvenates itself while you sleep, and an irregular sleeping pattern can take a toll on your body as well as your skin.

3. Eat proper meals

Going extreme on your diet won’t help you in the long run. On average, women require 2,000 calories per day while men need 2,500 calories a day. Enjoy your meals while maintaining a healthy relationship with food.


4. Follow a skincare routine

It doesn’t have to include 10 or 15 products. A basic cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen are enough, and yes, oily skin folks also need a moisturizer. If you have acne or hyperpigmentation, targeted serums and treatments are important to achieve the desired results.


5. Never EVER skip your sunscreen

The sun can damage your skin 365 days of the year, regardless of how rainy or cloudy it is. UV rays are everywhere around us, hence, make a habit of wearing a sunscreen every day and reapply it every 2-4 hours.

Now that you have learned how to achieve healthy, glowy skin, tell us what you want to see next in the comments.

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