How Much Do You Know About Skincare?


We bet you think you know everything there is to know about skincare, and we did too. But guess what there are some things we really didn’t know. So Read ahead and question yourself  “HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SKIN CARE?


  • Dancing makes your skin glow.

When you sweat, toxins and dead skin cells are removed from the body, promoting new ones to grow- leading to healthier, brighter skin.

  • Wearing sunglasses protects against Crow’s Feet.

When you squint in the sun, crow’s feet wrinkles are more likely to develop. So, always wear sunglasses with UV protection on a sunny day.

  • Caffeine leads to dry skin.

Unfortunately, caffeine may be the culprit. If you can, replace it with hot water and add tasty fruit slices like lemon or orange to improve the flavor.

  • Sleeping in certain positions can leave lines.

Some sleeping positions can lead to sleep lines. In time, these lines can turn into deep-set wrinkles. Avoid this by snoozing in the sheets backside-first.

  • Massage helps reduce under-eye circles.

The  method that can help is massaging the under-eye skin with your daily eye cream in circular motions to increase blood circulation. and lessen fluid retention.

  • Over moisturizing can lead to breakout.

One beautiful skin secret is to avoid over-moisturizing. Though moisturizing is important but, it’s essential not to take it too far.

  • Skincare applied in the wrong order is almost useless.

Missing your skin care regime is better than applying the  incorrectly. For example, if you apply a new serum after your moisturizer, the serum will not be able to penetrate the moisture- that’s why its important to follow the order

  • Darker – skinned individuals still need sunscreen.

Just like fair-skinned individuals, dark-skinned people still need sunscreen protection from sun damage and skin cancer.




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