How Not to Hate the People You Now Spend 24/7 With



All we ever wanted was a break from life and now that we have it; we all are clueless as what to do with that. As good as it can get, life in the time of CORONA can be really frustrating and might push you to reconnect with friends and family that you have been avoiding for a very long time. And when it comes to spending quality time with your loved ones, we all know that things might turn not so loveable. So, before things get on your nerves, here’s an easy yet inspiring list of pursuits to be indulged into that will help you get your space and peace of mind.

Un-hoard them book shelves

Before we start hoarding on grocery items and the in-famous tissue rolls, please stop!
Take a look around your room and find your long-lost books that once were on your reading list. Rather than busing yourself into gossips and heated debates over for nothing. There’s a better deal! With a cozy spot in the room, and a hot cup of Chai, we believe it can be the purest of pleasures to read our favorite books in peace now. If nothing else works, there’s always a digest in Mum’s collection to hold on to.

Prepare a DIY facial mask and Chill

Now that we have all the time in the world, we should give some time to our skin care routine as well. Of all the things in the world, everyone appreciates a refreshing facial mask and ladies love it when it’s free of cost! So, before we get riled up over petty desi issues, let’s get all chilled up with homemade facial remedies that suit your skin the best.


Cook and Clean with MAA 

The key way to a mother’s heart is through home chores. Yeah you heard it right! We can bet on it. Grab that broom, cook your mum’s favorite dish and wash them darn dishes. Now we all have a chance to makeup with our MAA! Rather than arguing over and over some paltry matters show some skill and make the most of this time with your loved ones.


Give your bud a call

We know that routine life can be really hectic and wild. It makes you miss calls and cancel plans at the last moment. It can even lead to long sessions of informal social distancing from friends. We recommend you to gear up the courage and make the pending call to that one friend who’s been long forgotten on your part. It is about time! Start dialing!

And if still, you find yourself in a dull situation then do understand that this is how it’s going to be. We are nothing without the love and constant bickering of our family. No matter how many books you read or movies you watch alone in your room, self-isolation never really worked for desi people. Here’s to a happy quarantine!

 What’s your go to way to keep your chill while you spend all your time with the same people? Let us know in the comments below. XOXO!

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