How Not to Wash Your Hair


A hair wash is so much more than just cleaning your strands and at first, it seems that there are no right and wrong ways of doing it. However, this simple step may damage your hair to a certain extent and cause, dryness and dullness. So here’s a basic guide on how not to wash your hair.

While washing your locks, your goal should be to cleanse and hydrate at the same time. But most people take it a little too far and end up with damaged hair. So, what habits you should avoid at all costs while washing your precious tresses? Read on to find out.

1. Apply shampoo directly on the scalp

The worst thing you can do to your hair and scalp is applying shampoo directly. Not only will it cause dryness, but you’ll end up using way more shampoo than usual. So, lather with water first and then apply it.

2. Scrub the scalp with nails

This is a big no no! Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it is wet, scrubbing your scalp with nails cause abrasions and attract infections. Moreover, it will weaken the follicles. Give your scalp the TLC it needs and gently massage it with fingertips and palms during the hair wash.

3. Apply conditioner on the scalp

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. You don’t need to apply the conditioner on your scalp unless the product is stated as a “scalp conditioner”. Regular conditioners tend to make the roots and scalp oilier and this defeats the whole purpose of washing your them in the first place.

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