How to Make Narrow eyes Look Big & Gorgeous



Are you always the person who looks like they’re squinting in a group photo? Not all of us have big eyes. So what? we can always create an illusion by using clever make-up techniques. Well, here are some easy expert steps to follow so you can avoid the problem that only narrow-eyed girls understand!

1. Prep em up

Prep your eyes with concealer and pat it down with some loose powder to make sure it stays put all day!

2.Widen em up

Apply white eyeliner to your waterline. This will give your eyes an anime style wide-eyed look, where a black line would make your eyes look narrower than they are.

3. Wing em up

For this step, apply eyeliner as you normally would, but start three-fourths of the way in rather than from the inner corner for your eye. Wing the eyeliner to make your eyes look more open than they are – almost like they’re smiling!

4. Coat em up

Apply multiple mascara coats for the finishing touch.

That was pretty easy, NO? What do you do to make your eyes look larger and more awake? Share your tips with us in the comments below! XOXO


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