How to: Get beach waves naturally!


Look extra hot on beach day!

When you want beachy waves, but don’t want the heat and chemicals of a salon or product, the best option is to get natural! Try these simple tricks to create the perfect beach-waver look;

Tie a braid over night

A great way to get beach waves naturally is with a braid. Tie it over your head and go to bed until morning, when you remove it. This will give you a lot more volume and also help minimize frizz.

A hair bun

Overnight buns are great for achieving heatless beachy waves when you have long hair. Like the overnight braids, you want to start with hair that is about 75 percent dry so it can fully dry by the time you wake up. Depending on the thickness of your hair and how tight you want your beach waves to be, split your hair into four or six equally-sized sections.

Sea salt spray

A sea salt spray basically mimics what the salt water does to your hair. To enhance the natural wave in your hair, simply spritz one of these sprays throughout your mane and scrunch to amp up the texture and say hello to gorgeous beach waves.

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