How To Keep Hair Healthy Under That Hijab


Wear a hijab? Here are some hair care tips you need to know right away!

You think you have hair problems? Wait till you meet a hijabi! Keeping your hair under a constant cover is not helping your strands one bit, it’s only making it harder to take care of them. Yes, you don’t have to worry about your hair style every time you leave your house, but you also have to think of special ways of keeping your hair fresh and healthy. So you win some, you lose some.

If you find taking care of your hair and scalp difficult with a hijab, then keep scrolling to find the best tips.


Rules To Establish Before Wearing Hijab



  • Never tie up wet hair. It should be the most taboo thing you do. The strands are more elastic when wet, which means they break easily. Not giving your scalp time to dry can also lead to skin irritations. It will also leave hair flat and limp.
  • Tie hair loosely with a scrunchie. Pulling it back too firmly and using hijab caps too often can lead to a receding hairline. You need to let blood flow through to your scalp.
  • Choose fabrics that don’t cause friction. Your hair should be able to breathe- and the hijab material plays a huge part in making you feel comfortable.
  • Make sure your inner wear is clean and dry, so that dandruff and dust don’t build up in there.


Establish A Shampoo Routine



Washing your hair too frequently will strip it of its natural oils. This would lead to dry and brittle hair. We advise using a leave-in conditioner so your hair can retain some moisture in it. Moreover, try your best to avoid hot showers. They wreak havoc for your hair as hot water can be harsh on your scalp and hair, and leaves it dry and dull. We advise taking cold showers as they will temporarily close your pores and flatten your hair follicles.

The best way to temporarily keep your scalp refreshed and to keep the oiliness at bay is by using dry shampoo. We think you should add this item to your hair care essentials immediately!


Sleep On A Silk Pillow



Not to act boujee or anything, but silk pillows are a great investment as they are not only good for your skin, but for your hair too. They help your hair control sebum, an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands, whereas the traditional pillows just end up making our scalp more oily. You may not see a change overnight with this replacement, but it’ll prove very beneficial in the longer run.

The best part about silk pillows? They won’t give you bed head! There will be less friction in your hair so when you wake up, you wont just feel like a princess, you can look like one too!


Treat Your Hair Now And Then



Ever felt your hair is crying out to you? Screaming, not even crying. If it could speak, it would say, “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed!” All it needs is pampering 2 days per week.. that’s not a lot of price to pay for luscious hair, is it??

Trim your ends regularly. You have no idea how much your hair will thank you for this. No one wants to see split ends forming, anyways.

Give your hair some lovin’ by treating it to regular oiling or invest in a hair serum. This will help your scalp get all the nutrients it needs and will keep your hair’s biggest nemesis, dryness, at bay. Bonus, serums will make your hair smell nice too. What a win!


Let Your Hair Breathe



You are under a hijab the whole day. When you get home from your day-long activity, take it off and run your fingers through the hair and scalp and massage it to get some circulation going. This allows the hair to breathe.

It is absolutely necessary for you to go outside hijab less every once in a while. You are suffocating your hair when its covered all the time, and then only seeing light in the evening, that too artificial light. We suggest relaxing in your garden and letting your hair soak up some much needed vitamin D.


We hope these hair care tips were beneficial for all the girls wearing hijab. What is the one thing you do religiously to keep your hair healthy? Comment below and share with us.


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