How to layer hair care products for a salon finish


Want to get that perfect salon type finish after styling your hair? well, then the game is all about “Layering” your hair care products right.

Here is the pro tip: You can splurge on hair care products all you like, but if you don’t apply them in the correct order, your hair won’t be able to indulge in their goodness. Have we confused you? Worried where to begin? We’ll give you a play-by-play that’ll get you well-versed in the art of layering your hair care products so you always get that salon finish at home.

Step 1: Wash + Leave in Conditioner

All you gotta do is give that hair a wash and wrap a towel around it. Just when damp and not dripping wet, spray a leave in conditioner. The light weight texture absorbs easily and penetrates the tresses without creating a barrier for the products to follow after. When applying, focus specially on the mid length and ends of the hairLeave in conditioner provides a canvas that you can blow dry, curl, straighten and play with in whatever, whichever way!

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Step 2: Serum or mousse

Follow the leave in conditioner with a mid-weight product, such as a mouse or a serum depending on the look you wanna ace! If you want to go for a straight, sleek look, opt for a serum but if you want to define those ooh la la curls then go for a volume boosting, texture enhancing mousse. Pro tip# Keep the serum and mousse away from the roots to prevent your hair from getting greasy.

Step 3: Heat protectant

Ever heard that hair sizzle while heat styling your hair and felt like you just died a little? We’ll let you in on the absolute essential that’ll prevent just that. We highly recommend applying a heat protectant about at least five minutes before styling your hair and letting it air dry, to reap the maximum benefits. Make sure to comb through your hair before you get started with the hot tools to ensure the product is evenly distributed and none of your strands are left unprotected.


Step 4: Hairspray

The final step in your hair care routine is all about locking in your style so you can make your hair last. Whether you want to maximize the lifespan of those curls you worked so hard to achieve or are looking to smooth down that stray hair to polish up that slicked back pony, hairspray or finishing pomade should be your final step. Our recommendation when it comes to finishing products is less is more; too much and your hair will look crunchy so start small—it’s always easier to add more than take some away.


Now that you know how to layer your hair products correctly, give it a try! You’ll be surprised how big a difference simply applying your products in the right order will make to your hair. We’d love to know how you layer your hair care products in the comment section!


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