How to: make your eyelashes look longer?


Getting fake lashes to make your lashes look longer may be a thing but it doesn’t always look natural. So we have some jotted down some easy hacks for you to make your lashes look longer without the need of fake lashes.

Apply primer

If you haven’t already applied primer on your lashes before applying mascara then now you know what to do. A primer will help add volume and length to your lashes and give your lashes an enhanced look.

Use a lash curler

A lash curler can be a game changer if you want to give your natural lashes a longer look. Curl your lashes before and after applying mascara and see the difference it makes.

Use castor oil

Castor oil is known for its amazing benefits when it comes to hair growth. If you want your natural lashes to grow. Apply castor oil every night on your lashes and see your lashes grow with time.

Add more than a single a coat

The more you apply mascara the more it will help add volume and length to your lashes. However, make sure you don’t overdo them as this will make them stick together which may end up looking horrible.

Coat every single lash

When applying mascara we tend to just apply it all over in one go. This may not enhance your lashes as much as when you apply on each lash individually apply on the centre, the inward and outward corners to get better results.


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