How To Reapply SPF Over Make-Up


Reapplying SPF Without Messing Up Your Makeup

In this hot summer weather, good skincare becomes a MUST for your skin. Especially since you want to prevent yourself from tanning, oiling & possible acne is the most common result of this weather.

A very important step of skincare is to make sure that you prevent your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays is to, applying & reapplying SPF every 2 hours on your skin. Not only is it important to protect the layering of your skin but it will also help make your face feel light as oiling and constant sweating can cause a lot of problems.

Many women also avoid putting sunscreen on a whole, as they believe that it will ruin their make-up. That’s not entirely true! Here are a few ways to reapply the SPF over make-up without ruining it.

Get yourself the Right Product

Would you like it if your makeup seemed puffy? No right?  So when you know how you have to apply to make-up, you should also know what kind of products would be good for your skin. Go for a light-weighted sunscreen. This will be easier to reapply and keep you looking fresh as well!

Using A Proper SPF Powder

The good thing about this era is that there are always a lot of options available in hand. Find yourself a good SPF powder. They work just like regular translucent powder and you can apply it just like you would apply setting powder on your face. Your skin will be sun-protected this way all the time.

Technique for reapplying SPF

If you are used to applying a liquid SPF, then there is still no issue.  A great way is to use your hands or a beauty tool such as a beauty blender to reapply the SPF over your makeup. The proper way is to apply it in a dabbing motion so that you avoid ruining your makeup and would require the least touchup.

Tinted Sunscreen

There are a number of tinted Sunscreens in the market. Why not simply get a tinted sunscreen and apply it instead of your foundation. It will be easier to reapply and your skin will glow as well.


Skincare is fun to play with, especially when you know how to use the products properly. Experiment yourself and style accordingly. There are a lot of ways to protect that beauty. Do let us know in the comments below about your skincare routine.

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