How to stay Corona Safe at a Salon


Instead of getting anxious, people can stay safe from the spread of Covid-19 by practicing good hygiene. And that goes for your visits to salons too!

To avoid this corona anxiety you need to stay calm, and who doesn’t know that the best place to relax is a salon.  So take some time out for yourself, but ladies- First you need to make sure that you’re following proper hygiene tips while you are there. So this one is for those who dont skimp on their grooming no matter what. Read on.


Maintain Social distance

Make sure to maintain distance from people in salon, don’t hug, don’t shake hands, if you see your friend just give her a fist bump!

Make sure the booth is disinfected

Make sure your booth is clean and proper sanitized, you really don’t want to know how many viruses live on that desk. This is an area where so many people come and go each day. The place may look nice and tidy at first sight but might be a breeding ground for bacteria and deadly virus like Corona So, make sure your booth is clean.

Attendant’s Hands should be clean & sanitised before they touch you

Hygiene starts with you! Make sure you and your attendant wash hands with gentle hand wash and then sanitize them properly before dipping fingers into the jar.

Salon product hygiene checklist

Make sure the salon is using isopropyl alcohol to clean their tools. Because you don’t wanna be infected. Do you?

Check the salon for the following list before you start getting pampered:

  1. Disinfectant for tools
  2. Disinfectant jar
  3. Disposable gloves
  4. Hand soap and sanitizer
  5. Clean towels and paper towels
  6. Antibacterial surface cleaner
  7. Beauty couch roll or clean covers


Post service Hygiene Practice

After you are done with the calming services take a warm shower, use an antibacterial body wash, take time to scrub your body, And conclude your pampering time with a  good medicated antibacterial body lotion.

Beauty is required every phase, at all times. It is good for a happy, healthy lifestyle but health shouldn’t be compromised at any level! So take care of yourself in this tough time but don’t forget to look gorgeous!

Are you brave enough to go to a salon at this trying time? Comment below with an “Aye!”





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