How to Style the Top 4 Fashion Trends of the Season


With changing fashion trends, it’s easier to hear it from the experts which ones are worth it.

That’s why, Be Beautiful has brought you all the insights about the top 4 fashion trends of the season, featuring fashion designer and stylist, Naiha Rahim.

Trend #1 – Denim on denim

So, the denim on denim trend started in the 1950s and it is Naiha’s personal favorite style. You can see people wearing them all year round, with celebrities like Hadid sisters serving major #outfitoftheday goals. It is popular because it fits all body sizes and shapes and gives you the flexibility to style it according to your preference. You can also style it in a more casual manner with your buttons open or go for a formal look with your shirt tucked in. Pair it with some chunky jewelry and you are good to go.

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Trend #2 – Burnt yellow crossbody bags

The crossbody bag culture started in the 17th century and then there is no going back in fashion. Our pro styled her denim and denim outfit with a burnt yellow crossbody bag to add a dash of color to it. This year’s Pantone’s colours of the year were grey and yellow, so they dominated 2021.

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Trend #3 – Long coats

One of the most popular fashion trends is indeed long coats which date back to the 18th century. There are various ways to style a long coat and it perfectly pairs up with any kind of outfit. For an effortless day look, switch up your look by adding some hoop earrings and sunglasses.


Trend #4 – Fringed bags

Fringed bags are very exciting and new as they have been a showstopper at the 2021 New York Fashion Week. Fringed bags are contemporary and bohemian and they add just the right amount of drama to your overall look to uplift your style. You can carry a fringed bag to your dinners and meetings for a bolder and confident look. Pair it up with some simple jewelry and a classic outfit.

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