How to Style Your Hijab to Match Your Makeup Look


Want to style your hijab to match your makeup look? Look no further.

Matching your makeup to your wardrobe is a flattering technique. And the same goes for hijab. When done right, you can pull off a regal look, royal or not. That’s why Be Beautiful has brought on board beauty blogger and certified makeup artist, Shameela Kodvavi to teach you 3 gorgeous ways to style your hijab according to your makeup look.

1. Styling crinkle hijab with daytime soft makeup look



Whether you are going our for breakfast, brunch or lunch, this style will look chic and classy. Our pro suggests wearing a light coloured hijab with minimal makeup. However, go dark on the lips. Opt for mauve, bright pink or brick brown shades.

Styling directions:

  1. Lay off your scarf on your head.
  2. Fold 1/3 of it from above.
  3. Fold the left corner from behind.
  4. Make sure both corners are on the same side (left).
  5. Finally, tie both loose ends into a knot.
  6. Secure with pins on your head (if needed).


2. Styling jersey hijab with semi-formal evening makeup look

This style is best for family gatherings or dinner. Choose dark colours like maroon, red, magenta or even black. You can enhance your makeup look by using shimmer eye shadow and fake lashes and pair it with a bold lip colour.

Styling directions:

  1. Put your scarf on your head and make sure only 1/3 of it is on the right side.
  2. Use a safety pin to secure the hijab from behind.
  3. Take the right piece and pin it from above.
  4. Bring the left part above your head and fix it in place so that there are no creases or folds.
  5. Slightly fold and pin it in place.


3. Styling silk hijab with glam makeup

This look is created for formal events. It is best to use silk hijab and pair it with shimmery eyes and a bold lip. Go heavy on the highlighter and you are ready to rock.

Styling directions:

  1. Put the scarf on your head and make sure both sides are equal.
  2. Hold the corner of the right side and take it on your left shoulder.
  3. Hold the corner of the left side and take it on your right shoulder.
  4. Secure it with pins.

Watch the full video here.

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