How to wash your hands frequently without over drying them


People are paying more attention on their hand washing now that the health officials have emphasised that regular hand washing is important to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Ironically, over-washing our skin, can result in dry cracks, giving bacteria an entry point into our bodies. Feeling Shocked? Well you should be!

So what can be done to properly clean the hands while preventing signs of over-washing such as irritation, redness, flaking, over-drying and itching? The answer is cleaning them correctly. Here is what you need to do.

How to wash hands to prevent dryness

Use a mild, fragrance-free soap to remove dirt, but avoid using it so much that it creates a thick lather as this washes away natural oils (have been thinking thick lather is everything for utmost hand washing all your life?) Well life won’t miss any chance to surprise you. Wash with warm, Not hot water, for at least 20 seconds, patting your hands dry with a towel. : Lux Velvet Touch Jasmine & Almond Oil Soap Bar ...

Moisturiser is Everything

Once your hands are dry, apply a moisturizer immediately. Keep small travel sizes of creams handy: in your purse or at your work desk to make sure it is within reach. POND'S Triple Vitamin Moisturising Body Lotion, 100ml ...

Skincare ingredient you should avoid that cause dryness

Products that contain fragrance can be irritating to chapped, sensitive skin. Creams and ointments are better than lotions. Hand sanitizers with too much alcohol can be drying to chapped skin. You can try a hand sanitizer with a moisturising base, just know that it will not be as effective in killing viruses. Your choice babe!

Petrolatum (Vaseline) is still the most effective moisturiser out there. : Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Original, 13 oz (3 pack ...

What else can you do

Before going to bed, apply thick moisturiser and then cover with cotton gloves to increase absorption. Beauty product junkies can consider a moisturising mask for hands. These glove-like masks are applied for 20 minutes, then washed off.

Buy Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk with Deep Moisture Serum and ...

Are you keeping your hands clean as well as nourished given the Corona virus situation? Let us know in the comments below! XOXO

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