Hungry and Lazy? Try These Instant Beauty Foods Instead


Food is fuel. Our bodies are designed to work on the energy we get from food and so, it is natural to feel hungry, lazy and lethargic sometimes. But, by consuming these beauty foods, you can stop feeling and (looking tired) and keep your body healthy.

These beauty foods or superfoods have been eaten throughout the history for their health benefits and helping the body fight diseases.

1. Water

You may drink protein shakes, green tea or fruit and vegetable juices, but your body’s desired form of liquid is water. Water is essential for healthy bodily functions, and staying hydrated keeps you active and your skin glowy.

2. Pomegranate

This fruit gets its vibrant red hue from polyphenols, a powerful set of antioxidants which protect the body from diseases, improve brain function, promote good blood circulation etc. Did you know that pomegranate juice has 3 times more antioxidants than green tea? It is super good for skin as well.

beauty foods

3. Bananas

Bananas are a good source of potassium, fiber, and carbohydrates. This combination of nutrients fights lethargy and provides a long lasting source of energy.

4. Lean proteins

As compared to regular meat marbled in fat, lean meat provides quality protein, while containing less saturated fat. Moreover, fish is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps the heart healthy.


5. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are some of the best foods to beat fatigue and fight hunger. They are a perfect snack and provide healthy nutrients and energy.

beauty foods

We hope you feed your body the nutrition it needs to keep you healthy, active and amazing.

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