Life changing Lipstick Tips.


We all want to rock the classic pout, but often are put off by the smudging lip colour or our teeth  or when we have a sip of beverage where does the lovely colour on our lip go?

To avoid all our lipstick dilemma’s we have some amazing tips that will change your life! And you are surely going to be slaying that lip look, all day- Read on to know more.

Exfoliate your lips.

You have to exfoliate your lips to let the lipstick glide smoothly on your lips. Use a toothbrush to gently massage your lip balm onto your lips for moisture followed by your lip colour. This will get rid of flaky skin and make it easier for the lip colour to stay.


Keep lipstick off your teeth.

To keep the lipstick off your teeth, stick your clean index finger in your mouth. Then wrap your lips around it, and pull it out. Any lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will be left on your finger and now you can go can smile without  stained teeth.


Long-lasting lipstick.

Make your lipstick last longer use some translucent powder. After applying lipstick, hold a tissue paper over your mouth, and then dust some translucent powder over it using a brush. This will surely lock in your lip colour.


Blot away.

Blot your lipstick the right after application. You have to blot in between applications so that your lip colour lasts longer and removes excess oil on your lips.



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