Life Habits you can keep up with.


Sustainable habits push you towards becoming the best version of you. Take care yourself, your skin, be more organized, keep your energy level up. It’s always best to build your life habits slowly and steadily. Start with a list and check in so life doesn’t take you by , and improve as you go. Try these habits and see how they turn out for you.


  • Wash your Face as a Start.

So skin care is important- you can wait a little in the day to start your routine. But what shouldn’t wait is washing your face when your get home -will keep you fresh all day.

  • Exercise.

Work out at least once a week. It will surprise you how one to two hours of effort can make a world of improvement in your energy and anxiety levels throughout the week.

  • Make a To-do List. 

Being able to see everything required for each day keeps your workload manageable, while making time out for other necessary things. Get a few coloured gel pens and note pads- while your making them and crossing them out with those pretty pens- you will also feel you have achieved your goals of the day.

  • Manage your Budget.

Make a budget weekly to your expenses under check. Ask yourself these questions – how many times a week are you eating out? Do you really need to Uber everywhere? Do you need those frequent manicures? Asking yourself these will help you make smarter money choices.

  • Tidy Up.

Tidy up your space- put your favourite song and just tidy up your room.





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