Lipstick as a…..


The most used beauty product is the Lipstick- just using it your whole look comes together.  The best part is you can use this versatile product in multiple ways. . Here’s how you can use this beauty favourite….


Utilise it as a blush, just like a cream-based tint. Dab a bit on your cheeks and blend it well with your fingers.



Make your  brown lipstick a double-duty product-as a bronzer or for contouring.



Fun eye make-up looks- try it with your matte lipstick as an eyeliner. Use a thin brush to put on  that thin line on your eyes.



Need a  long-lasting eyeshadow- use a lipstick.



Dark circles can be concealed with a red lipstick.


If asked what products are in your makeup bag- you can just now say LIPSTICK.


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