Love To Color Your Hair? Then Camellia Oil Needs To Be Your New Best Friend



Image result for colored hair pic on white backgroundSo you’ve dyed your hair? Got red lowlights or caramel baby lights? Went from pastel rainbow shades to a balayage? Has the bleach damage shown already? The pain and the shame of having one’s hair look like a haystack is too real! Drastically bleaching and dying hair can change the very structure of your hair as the hair follicles become very porous. Lucky for us, the solution is all natural, and it’s called Camellia Oil.

Camellia oil is your best friend and is all the weapon you need to win this battle!

What is Camellia oil?

This pale green miracle of an oil, is derived from seeds of a wildflower native to China and Japan, and works its magic on color damaged hair. It hydrates and replenishes the moisture lost and arms the scalp to produce antioxidants that protect it from free radical damage. No wonder the ladies of this region give us all serious hair envy! 

With a composition like olive oil but lighter, it absorbs into hair within seconds. It has omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids as well as high amount of Vitamin E, all essential elements that’ll spring your dry, damaged hair back to life. Wondering if this is such an absolute investment? Kinda meh about it? Think again gurlfriend! It’s one of the absolute essentials that you need to add to your hair care routine since its composition and texture is similar to that of the natural oil that scalp produces so it hydrates your scalp and doesn’t smother it!

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Benefits for Hair

Benefits of Camellia oil are as countless as your hair strands! This is that one ‘best friend’ that’ll never be disloyal to your hair… It has fatty acids and proteins that coat the damaged hair strands and seep into the very depths of the hair making it healthier, stronger and shinier and you’ll say up ‘new hair, who dis?

  • Strengthens hair and replenishes moisture
  • Smooths hair cuticles without weighing them down since it has a light texture
  • Gives hair lustrous luster and heals split ends so you don’t have to trim off that length that’s so hard to grow
  • It’s a savior for those who have dry, itchy scalp. Nothing comes close to this ultimate dandruff buster
  • Protects hair from external damage such as free radical damage, harsh sun rays and color damage
  • Maximum benefits can be reaped when applied to dampened hair

Peaked your interest yet? Let’s make this more fun, shall we?! Here are some DIYs using Camellia oil that you can try at home to bring that power back into your hair and let that color shine through.

Camellia Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment will make your dyed hair look fab and hair color enriched. For the hair that unleashes envy, all you need is

  1. a quarter cup of camellia oil,
  2. a quarter cup of coconut milk,
  3. half a tablespoon of castor oil,
  4. add 18 drops of sage essential oil.

Procedure: Heat your ingredients over a low flame and apply on wet hair starting at the ends and traveling up towards the roots. For best results, wrap your hair in a hot towel. Keep your hot oil treatment in for at least 20 minutes and rinse well. Air dry and let your hair power through! We bet colored hair never looked so good?

Hair color longevity mask

This hair mask is simple and can be shook up easily. It’s a sip of youth and ensures that hair color lasts longer! Less salon visits and reduced expenditure, yaaaaass! All you’ll need is

  1. 5 drops of Camilla oil
  2. 1/2 cup warm water
  3. Spray bottle

Procedure: Pour warm water in the spray bottle, add Camilla oil and shake vigorously! Spray generously to the roots and along the lengths of the hair. Pin up your hair and cover with a disposable cap. After letting this elixir soak through and through for an hour, give your hair a rinse and you’re ready to flaunt that just-got-my-hair dyed look!

Camilla oil’s manifesto: nourished hair with your choice of hair color. Let us know in the comments below what you go-tos are to reduce the damage and retain the texture of your colored hair? 







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