Makeup Secrets to Look Radiant on Eid


It’s Eid, and it’s a time when the smiles get wider, the hugs get warmer and everyone looks at their best. So whether you are heading to Eid parties or just visiting friends and family, it’s important that you look your best.

Here are some simple tips that will help you look fresh-faced and beautiful this Eid:

1. Use a lightweight lotion to moisturize and prep your skin before makeup. Creams can pill under your makeup so it’s best to use lotions that provide a good amount of hydration and moisture to the skin.

2. Use a flat brush to apply foundation. This enables you to apply the foundation thinly and evenly across the face, giving you that flawless glowing look.

3. Cut up your eyelashes into small bits. This gives the eyes a much more natural look and it definitely feels less heavy.

4. Prep your lips with lip balm. This will help you to apply your lip color more smoothly and keep your lips plump and hydrated.

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