Master the Perfect Low Bun Hairstyle with This Hack


Some events and occasions call for elegant hairstyles. You can get lost between the intricate updos and deeply woven braid styles. But if you want some classy and natural hairstyle, look no further than the low bun. There is a low bun hairdo for every occasion and personality and this hack makes it even easier and low maintenance!

If you think the low bun only works for long hair, think again. You can have short, medium, or long hair and still try this hairstyle. The best part is that it takes less than five minutes to complete the look! And if you have hair that gets greasy fast or simply forgot to wash your hair, the low bun can still make your hair look amazing. To learn this hair hack, keep scrolling.
Start by dividing your hair down to make a middle part. Then pull your hair into a low ponytail by wrapping a hair tie around your hair twice. On the third wrap, instead of pulling the hair all the way through, only pull it one-third until you form a tiny bun with your hair.

Then take the remaining hair that wasn’t pulled into the bun and split it into two halves. Take the two halves of hair, twist them, and then wrap them around the hair tie to cover it. To finish off the look, you can pull a few shorter layers out to frame your face.

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