Nail that salon-style blow dry at home!


Who doesn’t want salon-ready hair every day and on a budget! Obv. if you went to salon every day, you’d be out on the street… broke! We hear you girl and here is the thing…  It’s not that difficult to do a Salon Style blowdry at home….you just need to know how to!

Your hair is your crowning glory; so style it, own it, love it enjoy it with a blow dry that’s as simple as ABC and..can be done at home!


Step 1: Prep it like its hot

Start off by drying your hair. Dampness weighs down and flattens your hair. After you’ve dried your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant avoiding the scalp. Coconut oil or argon oil are readily available at home and serve the purpose perfectly. Brush or use a wide toothed comb to detangle those tresses and you’re prepped to perfection!

Step 2: Section to perfection

Once your hair is dry, part it into several sections so you can work on each section for that perfect blow dry. Sectioning shortens the drying time and also ensures minimal heat exposure, a win win? You can simply start by creating a horizontal parting at the back of your hair and fastning the top section out of the way as you  dry the bottom layers  first to ensure that your hair is dried through and through!

Step 3: Blow dry SOS

Most of you gals…and we were in the same dilemma… that despite doing everything right, why was getting the perfect blow dry such a toughie?! Say no more for we’ve cracked the lock and the key might you ask?  It’s the right products and hairdryer. Start off by using a heat protectant spray to protect the hair against heat. When choosing a brush choose use a bigger brush to get that perfect finish and volume. If you use a hairdryer make sure it’s the right fit, most of your favorite salons use an 1800 watt hairdryer for that power blow dry.  Once done, seal the hair using cool setting spray for a smooth look and apply not too close to the hair as that’ll frizz your hair out.

Step 4: Va Va Volume

For those chickas looking for added volume rollers are your go to! All you’ve gotta do is separate individual sections and place the roller at the roots underneath your hair. Secure these tightly with a grip, finish off with a hair spray and warm gently with a hairdryer. This is all the hair insurance that you need for a blow dry that’ll last you a long time!

Step 5: Fab dab

After you’re done with the curling process, gently shake your hair but don’t finger comb them as this can make them frizzy. Position your hair around your shoulder such that they frame your face. Add a dab of hair spray and you’re ready to flaunt your crown!


Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be, making you look like the fierce chicka that you are! Comment down below and let us know your tricks for that voluminous hair?

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