New Year’s Resolution: How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco Friendly


Did you know that the beauty industry is among the world’s largest polluters?

The climate crisis is increasing at an alarming rate every year. The choices we make in the face of these challenges, both as a society and as an individual matter. And thus, an advantageous pillar to address is your beauty routine. More specifically, what you buy, how often you buy it, and whether it ends up in a landfill at the end of your use. Here’s how you can make your beauty routine more eco-friendly and help the planet.

1. Make use of what you have

Use up anything you have before you buy a replacement. If a sunscreen is leaving a white cast or stings your eyes, use it on your hands and body. If a makeup product isn’t in your colour or does not suit your skin type, consider giving it to a friend who loves to experiment with new formulas and colours.


2. Reduce consumption

Before you buy a new beauty product, you should always ask yourself how often you are going to use it and what purpose will it serve in your beauty routine. To reduce waste, you have to put consumption into perspective. Focus on the notion of “less is more” and look for multi-purpose products, such as a blush that can also be used on your eyelids and lips as well.


3. Reuse and refill

This is a great strategy to reduce waste while making the best out of your beauty products. Replace single-use products like cotton pads, wipes and face masks, with reusable options. When a cream finishes, refill the jar with a candle, succulent plant or store your jewellery essentials.

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