Nope, Curtain Bangs are Not Going Out of Style


It seems that curtain bangs are here to stay for a while.

2020 was all about curtain bangs. Many celebrities jumped on the bandwagon and we loved their looks. But it looks like the trend isn’t going anywhere for at least a few months. Here’s some hair-spiration so you can make your curtain bangs debut now!

1. Keep them bangs on the side

Curtain bangs are parted down the middle and swept to each side, framing your face like curtains frame a window. Dakota Johnson is notorious for wearing shaggy bangs, and for a change she opted for this hairstyle. Her bangs are shorter, resembling to her previous hairstyles, however, the styling is what matters.


2. Thick, loose bangs

Experimenting with bangs is always a struggle. The question, “Shall I get bangs?” will always haunt your existence until you give your hairdresser the green light. Instead of short, thin bangs, go for thick, loose and long bangs to adjust to the new change.


3. Let your forehead shine

curtain bangs

Once you know that you can pull off bangs, it’s time to up your game and add a little bit of versatility. Opt for medium thickness and play with styles like messy bangs, blow dried bangs etc.


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