The “Gossip” Behind Kylie Jenner’s Billion $ Pout


“Overcome Your Beauty Insecurities And You Can Be A Billionaire Like Kylie”

Sounds strange? It wouldn’t, after you have read this real life story. This is about a beauty icon that is known for a lot of things, but is super famous for her sexy LIPS. Lips that started as her biggest beauty insecurity but ultimately turned her into a billionaire. Ring a bell? Yup, we are talking about none other than Kylie Jenner. Kylie has been a true beauty icon for all women out there! Why? Because OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE SEXY LIPS?!?!? After all, they are the most perrrrrrfect!

But they weren’t always like that…. Let’s do a deep dive into Kylie’s lip transformation journey to find out the real drama behind those lips… read on to get  the full scoop!

Recognise this person? You must be murmuring ‘umm, doesn’t look like Kylie. Can’t be Kylie, who is it? But actually this IS Kylie Jenner. This is her pre transformation time.

So what happened that turned her from that, to the gorgeous lip seductress that she is today?!!? Here is the Gossip… it all started  with a  kiss….

So rumour has it, during the formative time in Kylie’s life, she had her first kiss, which proved to be devastating for her. How can a kiss be devastating for someone, you must be thinking? But this first kiss plunged Kylie into a deep complex of self-worthlessness and depression as her boyfriend told her that her lips were too thin to kiss and it was a pathetic experience for him. (hmmm boys will be boys!)

So began Kylie’s journey of having no less than quintessential lips and becoming a beauty billionaire. Quintessential lips and being a billionaire sounds like the best combination doesnt it?!?! After the incident of her first kiss, she decided to look past anything that pulled her back. She got her lip fillers done to perfection. She also fessed up to her doctor that she wanted it because of her sad first kiss experience that she had taken so damn seriously. (oh Kylie look at  you now! That boy probs cant get over what he lost). Rumour has it, that  Kylie got so damn obsessed with having fuller lips that she would hang a big lips poster in her room for motivation.

After she got her lip treatment done she literally took the internet by storm. Kylie’s followers started sucking their lips into bottles, jars, glasses or whatever they found to have lips like hers. Her nude lips made Mac’s Spice lip pencils go SHORT WORLD WIDE because everyone wanted to look like this diva. ‘Kylie’s Lip Challenge’ in which girls would enlarge their lips using a cupping technique, went viral and everyone was talking about her new lips.

At this point her super dreamy super amazing lips made her realise why not cash them in?

So Kylie introduced her first lip kits which sold out in the first minute of launch.

Unbelievable, right?  Made the right move at the right time. She was aware that everybody was not only talking in fact obsessing over her dreamlike lips so she thought of this amazing idea of producing her own lip shade collection that turned into a billion dollar company, making Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire in the world at the age of 21.

Yep sometimes a little bit of bad luck at some point in your life is necessary for something great to happen next. And in Kylie’s case, it was way beyond ‘great’ because she overpowered all her insecurities.

So what is the key takeaway? It’s about time we pay special attention to our own insecurities and complexes and figure out how we can make a billion dollar company out of them. Who knows…one day you may have it all. Thoughts? Comment below.

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