Personal Hygiene Checklist for You!


Being Beautiful is not just about having the perfect makeup products or having a skincare regime- It’s about being at your best, inside-out and taking care of hygiene that adds up to your beauty!

Here, we’ve got you 5 essential things that you must carry at all times to rock the hygiene-game- You really are HIGH-MAINTENANCE if you do so!

Make your purse your one-stop-station for hygiene!

  • Breath Spray:

Ran out of spearmints? Always carry a breath spray! OR Imagine going for an interview and you need a quick refresh of your breath but don’t have time to chew n spit a gum- Your spray got you covered in such awkward moments!

If you are a little too conscious, you can add a Floss too in your list!

  • Sanitary Pads:

No more worrying about a white pant being ruined. Your purse should always have your back with at least 2-3 sanitary pads at a time.

To be extra careful you can also keep a disposable panty- they come wrapped in the most travel friendly size ever.

  • Blotting Paper: 

Oily T-zone is a strict NO! Trust us, it works like magic even over make-up and prevents any breakouts caused by oily skin.

  • Mask:

We know that you wear one in the start of your day but you must know that you’re supposed to change your mask every 5-6 hours. An old mask may consist of bacteria which can attack your skin to cause breakouts and allergies.

  • Wet Wipes:

We keep snacking through out the day, don’t we? There’s no excuse for not having clean hands-You must carry wet wipes; better if they have a fragrance and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Deodorant:

Because you should smell great ALL DAY LONG!


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