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Pond’s Miracle Journey is an ode to the strength of a woman, a promise, a beacon of hope for women who dream of stepping out of their comfort zone and becoming game changers in their respective fields. The journey that started 4 years ago in an effort to empower and encourage women to unleash their hidden mettle has now branched out into a full blown mentorship programme. Over a span of four years, the Pond’s Miracle Journey has celebrated more than 300 women in the fields of health, social activism, entrepreneurship, beauty, professional training and education.

Pond’s has enabled more than 100 women each year since 2014 to share their stories of struggle at meet and greets held annually. These women achieved inspirational success through their persistence and unwavering determination all the while defying societal labels and hindrances at every step; becoming an inexhaustible fountain of inspiration for many more out there.

The movement started with 10 Miracle Mentors who selected a panel of 10 high achieving women to represent everything Miracle Women stand for. Each year since then 10 new mentors have selected 100 women each.

Who is a Miracle Woman?

A Miracle Woman is defined as one who is not only managing a professional career but also nurturing her family, running her home and meeting all of the many social obligations that make demands on her time. She is an expert in the fine art of the work-life balance, and she does all this with seamless ease and elegance, according to Unilever.

Watch Miracle Women in action here:

What is Pond’s Miracle Journey Mentorship Programme?

Pond’s Miracle Journey has become a mentoring platform for women, recruiting more and more women Miracle Women each year on this journey towards women empowerment. This year younger women will pair up with past Miracle women to share enriching experiences and success stories.

Pond’s is now enabling 330 of its mentors to pick younger women who they believe have what it takes to be a part of the movement. These young women will get a sound platform to voice their ideas and get guidance on how to turn their business ideas into a successful reality. The new recruits will also get a chance to learn from other women who have walked the long road and prospered.

Think you are a Pond’s Miracle Woman or have what it takes to be one? Apply today:

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