Pro Ways to Reapply Sunscreen During the Day


Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is important, especially if you live in a high-humidity area. Here are 3 ways to reapply it depending on your situation.

1. On days you’re not wearing any makeup

Take a clean tissue and gently wipe away any dirt or sebum. Then apply your SPF with your hands or with the help of a beauty sponge. You can also use a sun stick or spray. Spritz the sunscreen on your hands and gently pat it on your skin.


2. When you’re wearing makeup

You can refresh your sunscreen by applying sun-protective powder on top of your makeup. This is a no-mess, easy technique that won’t budge your makeup. Or, you can go the extra mile and reapply your sunscreen with a damp beauty sponge and then reapply your makeup.


3. On a hot summer day or after a workout

First, wet a cotton pad with a toner and gently wipe it across your face to get rid of any sweat or grime. Then, hydrate your skin with a face mist. Lastly, use a clean beauty sponge to reapply sunscreen.


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