Protect Yourself From The Deadly Heat This Season


Thanks to the heatwaves that are quite on the regular now, our skin feels like it’s melting, our pores are crying and we are turning into a hot mess. While most of us are struggling to have more conversation and less perspiration, many of us have forgotten that our biggest organ, our skin, needs extra attention and extra cooling down to do after being exposed to the hot, dry wind. Here are some ways you can cool down your skin and fight this awful weather with your chin up.


Cool down your pillow: If you’re waking up with hot sweaty skin and a damp pillowcase chances are your skin is really unhappy with the weather situation these days. To cool down your skin, switch from cotton to silk pillowcases as silk does not pull or tug on your skin or hair and lets it breathe freely. You can also wrap your pillowcase in a plastic bag and pop it in the fridge an hour before going to bed. Sweet dreams!

Replace heavy foundations with a BB cream: Lightweight BB creams not only protect your angry pores from clogging, they also help your skin breathe easily in the scorching summer heat. Plus most of them give decent coverage and save you from looking like a tired mess. Our favourite has to be Fair & Lovely BB cream that contains the goodness of multi vitamins that work from within while its SPF 15 PA++ formula protects you from the sun and gives a foundation-like finish and keeps oiliness at bay. WIN – WIN!

Keep your beauty products cool: Keep your makeup, perfume and skincare in the refrigerator so they help cool the skin when you use them.

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Use face mists: Use a tea tree and rose water spray to cool down your skin and avoid blemishes.

Use an oil–free sunscreen: Someone once told me that you should put as much research into your sunscreen as you put in buying a foundation and that stuck with me all these years. Find a sunscreen that is doesn’t make your face turn into an oil rink (that’s not the aim here!).

Make aloe vera your BFF: From sun damage to sun burn to sun anything to be honest, aloe vera is that magic plant that can make your sun burn disappear in less than 3 days (personal experience talking!). So in this blazing heat make sure you keep this cooling, magic balm handy.

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