Smoke Up Them Eyes in 10 Easy Steps!


For your next night out, instead of struggling with what to do with your eye makeup, follow this easy step-by-step guide to simple smoky eyes!

1. Start by applying a color corrector to your eye area. This step is completely optional; if you have prominent dark circles, it is recommended.

2. Apply a color corrector, and top off with a translucent powder or your regular face powder.

3. Use a light and neutral colour over your entire lid. This will help the colours applied on top to pop and blend with each other well.

4. Use a darker, non-shimmery neutral colour, like a brown, in and above your entire crease. Use a fluffy brush to make sure it’s well blended, so all the hard lines are gone.

5. Use a crease brush, or an angled brush to apply a dark color, preferably black, to the corner of you eye and to the outer crease.

6. Use a fluffy brush to blend it inward until all the harsh lines are blended.

7. Use a shimmery highlighter under your brow and on the inner corner of your eye.

8. Get an extremely pigmented gold and apply it to the center of your lid. Blend it with the black and sweep it toward the inner corner of your eye.

9. Apply your eyeliner with a slight wing to open up your eye. This step will help the eye shadows look well-blended.

10. Finally, apply a few coats of mascara to give your eyes a finished look.

Perfect smoky eyes were never this easy to achieve but You are Welcome!

Do you have any different step in the journey of getting on point smokey eyes? Share with us below!

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