Quickie Hair Care Bootcamp


Taking care of your hair  is as important as taking care of any other thing. After all, it’s your crowning glory!

And we really believe, that forgetting everything else, if hair is on point your entire vibe comes alive. Read on for our quickie bootcamp on how to take care of your hair.

Sun Protect

Not many people know but hair gets damaged by UV too. To fight this, you need to use a head scarf, or a hat to keep your hair protected. Also, apply a UV protection serum on your hair that locks in the moisture, particularly focusing on the ends.


Your hair gets dehydrated too, leaving it dry and lacking luster. Especially in winter, hair is most prone to damage, split ends, frizz, dandruff and dehydration. So it is important to hydrate you scalp and hair with serums, hydration mists and natural spritzers because hydrated hair equals shiny hair.

Water Protect

Swimmers this one is for you. Chlorinated or salt water in pools change the color of hair. So use color protecting shampoos. Another tip is to secure your hair from damaging water by tying them up in a nice top knot bun, style with a piece of silk and you’re good to go sweetheart.


When you are running back and forth with college and exams, work and projects, home and kids, schedules and travels, it is nearly impossible to find any time to go to a salon to get your hair treatments done. In that case you can use quick fixes like hair masks to revive your hair.

Let the scalp breath

Covering your head all the time and making tightly tied up hairstyles, means sweat being trapped inside which developes various kinds of problems like itchiness and hair loss. Hence don’t cage your scalp and let it breath like a free bird.

Get trims

Trims and cuts are a must. Trimming keeps hair looking healthy as it grows.

Keep it stylish

Hair should be all about being free and lively. This goes for  your hair styling too. Beechy waves, loose curls, side braids, bow bun, long bob: rock a different look every day and enjoy your hair.


Do you have any special summer hair care tips? Share them in the comments below.

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