Red Lipstick Guide for Every Skin Tone


The right red is the one that makes you feel good, so here’s an easy red lipstick guide for every skin tone.

Everybody can pull off a red lip but only if you know which shade of red is best for you. From light to dusky and even darker skin tones, thisĀ  handy guide is the answer to your questions.

To find the right lipstick you need to understand your undertones first and to do that, you need to observe your veins. Here’s what your veins are telling you.

Similarly, lipsticks have undertones too. Orange reds have warm undertones while darker, pinkish or bluish reds have cool undertones. To rock your best red pout, you need to find a lipstick that matches your undertones.

Fair skin

Blue based red lipsticks compliment lighter skin tones with cool undertones. Meanwhile a red-orange tone will enhance the beauty of those with warmer undertones.

red lipstick

Medium, wheatish skin

Medium skin tones can rock any shade ranging from red oranges to maroons and plums.

red lipstick

Dusky to dark skin

Ladies, bring out your natural glow by adding a dark berry, wine red or burgundy to your lips.

red lipstick

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