Relax Your Mind With This Aromatherapy Face Yoga


Give your body, face and mind some TLC and try this aromatherapy face yoga to glow inside out.

This aromatherapy face yoga relaxes your mind, improves blood and overall health. Read on to learn the technique.

You’ll need:

  • Yoga mat
  • Jojoba oil
  • Any essential oil for aroma or a scented body cream or lotion

Step 1

Take the jojoba oil in your palm and add one drop of essential oil.

Step 2

Blend it together and place the palms in front of your face.

Step 3

Strengthen your spine and take deep breaths. When you inhale, it creates space in your body and when you exhale, the aroma energy spreads within.

Step 4

Repeat fourteen times.

Step 5

Wrap your hands around your neck and gently massage the back of your neck with your wrist to soften the tensed muscles that connect your face and neck.

Step 6

Continue this motion fourteen times to absorb all the good energy into the body.

Step 7

Gently massage the muscles on the side of your neck and shoulders.

Step 8

Repeat sixteen times on both sides.

Step 9

Stimulate the muscles on your ears, neck and shoulders so that the aroma energy can spread.

Step 10

Finish with a relaxing motion to absorb the aroma energy into your body.

Step 11

Repeat twelve times and relax.

We hope your skin feels recharged and your practice self love in your daily life.

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