Reverse Hair Washing is the New Craze


Reverse hair washing could be the answer to your hair problems.

Many people are struggling with fine, dull and dry hair and one of the reasons behind it could be the way they wash their hair. We always emphasise on the importance of good haircare as it improves the hair health and promotes hair growth. One haircare trend which went viral recently is called “reverse hair washing”. To learn all about it, keep reading.

What is reverse hair washing?

It is exactly how it sounds. The method involves using a reversed order of products by first conditioning hair and then following up with a shampoo. The idea behind this method is that when conditioner is applied first, the hair cuticles are more likely to absorb its hydration and nutrition. As a result, the hair will appear thicker and fuller and people with dry, fine or flat hair can truly benefit from it.

How to do reverse washing?

You have to apply your conditioner after wetting your hair. Apply it from the scalp to the ends, while massaging and gently combing through your fingers for five minutes. You should concentrate more on the bottom two-thirds, where the hair receives the least amount of natural oil.

After five minutes, rinse hair with warm water and wash with a small amount of shampoo. Curly hair types may need to apply another layer of conditioner after shampooing, to coat the strands with a final dose of hydration.

If you see good results. you can use this method every time you wash your hair. However, it is not a treatment for hair loss or hair thinning and if you are facing this issue, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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