Sensitive Skin Myths – Busted!


The term ‘sensitive skin’ is widely used to address various skin conditions — acne, allergy-prone skin, rosacea. But it all rounds up to one thing and chances are that you are limiting your skincare to certain products because somewhere someone made you believe in a ridiculous myth. Well, we are here to debunk some of them and ease your stress.

Myth: Sensitive skin types should avoid makeup

Truth: Makeup isn’t the enemy but layering it on top of red, irritated skin could be an issue. Add skin soothing and calming products into your skincare routine and apply them before layering your makeup. Make sure to remove all of that makeup every night before going to bed for a healthy skin barrier.

Myth: Active ingredients like vitamin C and retinol should be avoided at all costs

Truth: These ingredients may cause irritation but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from them. Mix them into your moisturizer or facial oil or apply them over your moisturizer to minimize the irritation. There are plenty of alternatives if your goal is to brighten your skin without increasing sensitivity and niacinamide is one of them. It is a wonderful ingredient to tackle all of your skin concerns.

Myth: You must ‘never’ exfoliate your skin

Truth: It’s true that our skin naturally exfoliates itself, however, this process slows down as we grow older. By using topical products we are giving it a gentle push to dissolve dead skin cells more effectively. Gentle peeling gels, cleansers with AHA, BHA or PHA are your perfect solution to get smooth skin without compromising your barrier.

sensitive skin

So which one of these myths took you by surprise? Let us know in the comments below.

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