Signs to know your Soul is Getting Lost.


Grief, trauma and other severe heart breaking episodes affect your soul’s wholeness- which leads soul fragmentation. You feel  something is missing from your life- a uncomfortable disconnection- a feeling that is gives you anxiety.

In order to find yourself again, you have to cut through all the discomfort and false beliefs.

To know your soul is lost keep an eye out for these signs and seek help if mandatory.



Signs of a Lost Soul:


You purposely create a prison that feels comfortable, as interacting with others triggers inner turbulence. You keep your loved ones at arm’s length because you feel you cannot be seen and heard.

Difficulty Adjusting.

Because soul loss can occur as a result of trauma-struggling to adjust to life after a traumatic event takes place would be another sign that someone is dissociating.

Negative thoughts and low energy.

Again, some people may feel depressed if their soul is lost, it kind of manifests in different ways. Negative thoughts fill your mind and your energy level is low


Whether it’s struggling to put yourself together or make time for yourself, or  neglecting your health, it can feel very challenging to take care of yourself when your soul is lost.

Take Care of Yourself- Talk to Someone!!!

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