Signs your Skin needs Exfoliation!


Who doesn’t want a perfectly healthy glowing skin? Layers and layers of dead cells sit on top of our epidermis, known as the topmost layer of our skin and to get rid of those- there’s Exfoliation which is one of the most important techniques to keep it looking fresh and beautiful.

Our skin starts giving us signs like the ones below to let us know it’s time to exfoliate which is the secret to younger, more resilient-looking skin.


Skin feels Clogged

It’s those days when there’s oil, dust and a lot of makeup piling on and you keep washing your face but it doesn’t feel clean enough. that’s when exfoliation comes in to help.

Products aren’t Absorbing.

Skin-care products are not absorbing in your skin rather they are just sitting on a surface- which means you need to exfoliate- and will later help you absorb the products.

Too much Sun.

Your skin tends to thicken and gets uneven when exposed to the sun. A bit of exfoliation to even out your skin will help as long as you arn’t sunburnt.

You’re not using a Retinoid

These vitamin A derivatives boost your skin’s production of collagen which makes your skin smoother. And when your skin isn’t getting that- exfoliation starts calling out to you.

Dull and Bumpy Skin.

When you feel like your complexion is not luminous, and not glowing or  bit rough and not smooth try exfoliation.

Patchy Scaly Skin.

Is your skin feeling patchy and is peeling, that can be a sign that you need to exfoliate.


Regards, Your Skin


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