Super Sexy Spring Bun Styles



Whether worn high or low, messy or perfectly polished, one hairstyle has emerged as a uniform favourite and is ready to take the front foot for spring 2020, and that is the bun.

When it’s just one of those days that you want a low-maintenance hairstyle, twisting your hair up into a topknot is the easiest quickfix  and should be a daily go-to. But, we get it, a basic bun starts getting boring and feels a little stale. Well, we can stop that from happening with bun hairstyle options that can be sexy, sporty but always chic! Read on to learn how to create the hottest Busy Girl Bun Styles on the go.

Top knot

Top knot is a forever classic, never-outta-style that’s convenient and hassle free style for your hair. It’s known that if you put your hair up in a bun you mean business. Chanel your inner boss babe with these simple steps to achieve that perfff top knot!

How To Do
  1. Pull all your hair straight up to the top with your hand
  2. Twist and wrap while holding with your fingers.
  3. Grab the bun and Pull out hair from the back of your head for extra volume.

This is one top notch fantastic hairstyle that will surely be your new favourite this spring!


Braids all around

Image result for side braid and braid bun

This is a splendid side bun which is flattering for people with long hair. This updo is boho chic and looks unique and attractive, so say no to boring hair! This luscious bun hairstyle can be created for hot summers or for the formal occasions with just 5 easy steps.

How To Do
  1. Section your hair in two parts horizontally from ear to ear.
  2. Make a regular braid from the lower part of the hair section and wrap it around in a bun.
  3. Part the upper portion of your hair in the center.
  4. Make Dutch braids on both sides.
  5. Pin them up beneath the braided bun

With braids all around, your hair gets praise all around!




Half top knot

This half top knot technique is great for so many different occasions and you can wear it with straight hair or with some curls for an extra romantic feeling. It is the perfect combination of putting in effort and keeping it casual. While it is much simpler than it looks, you may still need to practice a couple times. But we promise, you will get it right eventually! This will particularly work best for you if you want to frame and accentuate your face shape. All you’ve gotta to do is follow the following steps!

How To Do
  1. Take two strands from both sides .
  2. Tie them up at the back of the crown with an elastic band.
  3. Roll them up in a bun.
  4. Fix it with bobby pins.

Look the perfect sassy, quirky and bad-assy lady with this updo!



Bride’s Maid flower bun

This is the trendiest, IT-hairstyle and is all the rage with the fast approaching spring episode of wedding season. Add flowers of your choice and it will accentuate the whole look! This look is ideal for heart, round or oval face shapes. Achieve this no-fuss, glam look with only two simple steps:

How To Do
  1. Make up a messy bun by randomly pulling out strands.
  2. Surround the upper side of the bun with fresh or fake flowers.

With this hairstyle, you and your hair will be the star of the day.








Space buns

This is a popular trend from the 90s.  This hairdo is a bit more on the playful side but it’s also super functional because it’s really secure. Which means you could wear it for a casual day with friends or something more active such as gyming. It’ll compliment round and square face shapes the most. The following steps are your gateway to achieving this look

How To Do
  1. Part them from the center.
  2. Roll your hair from both sides into two little buns.

Channel that fierceness with this a lil extra look!




Bun it up and turn that spring heat further up! Let us know in the comments what your go-to bun hairstyles are!


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