Swap the Old Skin Care Routine with the New this Fall !!


With an ever-changing environment and with cooler & drier temperatures on the way- you need to take extra care of your skin.  Your skin will change with each season which means that a change in your skincare routine is just as important. It means you might need to switch up your products here and there to help your skin to adjust to the environment change. To transition your skincare routine to fall here are a few changes to stay hydrated, soft, and bright.

  • Switch To A Creamy Or Milky Cleanser And Toner

Switch to a milky cleanser and toner if your skin gets pretty dehydrated or dry with the change in weather- so it won’t strip your skin of any oils. Add an oil-cleanser to the mix to make sure all of the impurities come off.

  • Add In A Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to use to help hydrate your skin, so, definitely start using this to prep your skin for fall.

  • Only use a  Gentle Exfoliator.

Whether you use a chemical or physical exfoliator, make sure you’re being gentle with your skin and only using it one to two times a week. Since the weather is dry your don’t want your skin to start getting flaky.

  • Go for a Thicker Moisturizer.

Swapping out a gel moisturizer for a thicker one in your nighttime routine is a great way to ensure that your skin soaks up all of that goodness for the morning. But keep that moisturizer light and fragrance free.


Prepping for your Fall Skin is DONE.!!!

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