Sour Up Your Beauty Regime With A bit Of Tamarind



If your skin is recovering from a bad phase of angry acne or is generally textured and bumpy, chances are you haven’t been introduced to the magical powers of Tamarind yet. The sour, tangy fruit we are oh-so- fond of in our food is actually equally good for our face when applied tropically. Why you ask? Tamarind seeds contain ingredients that could give hydraluronic acid (that is all the rage these days in subcontinental as well as Korean beauty world) a run for its money along with a plethora of skin-lovin’ minerals and vitamins.

1) Tamarind seeds contain phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin c, potassium, calcium and amino acids hence they are packed with an unbelievable power to act as a moisture magnet and replenish moisture into your skin, thereby, resulting in a smoother, wrinkle – free, acne-free skin.

2) Tamarind is rich in alpha hydroxy acids also known as AHA which are ideal for removing skin's impurities and deep-seated dirt and giving it that glowing, just polished look.

3) It acts as a bleaching agent and helps in brightening the overall complexion and is hence a much safer and effective alternative to chemically-treated bleaches that are way too harsh for your sensitive skin.

4) The alpha hydroxy acids also help in removing pigmentation marks, dark spots as well as acne scars and do a fabulous job and busting those pesky under-your- skin whiteheads and bumps that aren’t exactly pimples but refuse to go away no matter how much you scrub.

5) Tamarind is packed with vitamin C, enzyme, vitamin B , Vitamin A to remove dead skin layers effectively and bring out fresher layers of your skin to the surface and improving the overall texture of your skin while keeping inflammation at bay.


Tip of the day: Tamarind the toner!

Boil tamarind and remove the pulp. Put one teaspoon of tamarind pulp in spritz bottle, add cold water and shake well. Keep it in the fridge and use generously like toner whenever you feel like.

What do you love tamarind for other than eating? Comment below!


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