The 5 Biggest Skincare Trends of 2022


Here’s a glimpse into your skin’s future in 2022 — these are the five skincare trends of 2022.

2021 was a roller coaster ride. As the world made its way back to normal after several lockdowns, the skincare industry also changed a lot. With new skin concerns and rising demand for elegantly formulated products at affordable prices, we saw a lot happening last year. But things have changed, and skincare looks very different now. Experts predict that these skincare trends will dominate in 2022. Check them out below.

1. Fermented skincare

Fermented ingredients offer a ton of benefits for the skin, such as anti-ageing, gentle exfoliation, enhancing potency and penetration of skincare products, etc. With more and more innovative formulas, fermented skincare is likely to be one of the hottest skincare trends this year.


2. Body care will be huge

The body care category exploded in 2021 and we are happy that this trend is staying for good this year.


3. Refillable and sustainable packaging

The alarming climate crisis needs to be kept in perspective when it comes to your skincare routine, and thank God more and more companies are taking initiative to cut down on single-use packaging and help the environment.


4. Minimalist skincare

People are reaching for multitasking formulas like serums that do the job of both a toner and an essence, or a tinted sunscreen, which helps to even out the skin. This is why minimalist skincare is the next big thing.


5. Cryotherapy boom

Cryo means cold and cryotherapy is actually a treatment in which cold tools are placed and massaged onto the skin to calm, soothe, rejuvenate, tighten and depuff the skin. It’s very similar to placing ice on the face but gentler and since it’s a pretty expensive in-office treatment, people are now turning to at-home cryotherapy tools.

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