The Laws of beauty- What makes one look beautiful?


They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But what aspects make someone beautiful?

Did you know there are certain rules that make one person look more beautiful than another? A little bit of science and a lot more of beauty experience has proven that we find unknown faces attractive, because of their balanced features, facial symmetry and more. Aestheticians have been aware of these rules for a long time and they have figured out ways to use them to make people’s ordinary features look perfect.

We, however, believe in beauty of every type and think there is so much more to life than facial symmetry. But, we cannot deny that we are at least intrigued.

Read on for a list of attributes that make some women so attractive.

Law of Symmetry



The more symmetrical a face is, the more likely someone is to be perceived as beautiful. When you look at a model’s face, you’ll notice that their left and right sides will appear almost identical if mirrored. The fun fact about having a symmetrical face is that not only do you get higher ratings for your attractiveness but you also have stronger genes and immune system. Wow. Beautiful from the outside, and strong from the inside!

We just can’t take our eyes off of this perfect symmetrical face of Kendall Jenner! Photo editing or not, the law of symmetry is in perfect effect here.


Law of Average



Our personal opinion is that our flaws make us look more beautiful. You do not need to have the features of Lady Diana to be beautiful in our books. Studies have shown that the people we find more attractive are the ones who we can relate to more and who are more like the general population. So less edge, more average. Strange tho!

Sarah Jessica Parker, a public favourite, shows us that you dont have to be a pretty face to have it all.. We love her radiant smile and did we forget to mention- her gorgeous hair!


Law of Fuller lips



No wonder celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Huda Kattan alongside a million more ladies have gone crazy for lip fillers. Research shows that women with thicker and fuller lips are  generally perceived as more attractive. Lips with volume are a key to attract boys, gaals!

Aren’t Huda’s lips simply to die for?


Law of the Balanced nose



Neither too broad nor too sleek: that is what defines a perfect nose, according to researchers. In fact, the goal is to have a nose that is harmoniously balanced with other facial features. That is the real measure of a beautiful nose.

Oh Jen, you have the most perfect nose in the world!


Law of Healthy hair



Healthy, well groomed and long hair is a symbol of femininity and youthfulness. The framing of face with beautiful and flowing locks will make a lot of heads turn! When someone thinks of the word ‘woman’ they unintentionally visualize a lady with long, beautiful hair.  Research has shown that unhealthy hair defies your overall beauty.  Damn!

Gigi Hadid looking like a diva with those luscious locks!


Law of Body



Although the media has made up a certain image for a desirable body, one that is thin and sleek, but psychology suggests otherwise. Research shows that figures that are neither thin nor plump are perceived as most attractive, because these are associated with youth and sexual maturity.

Queen Bey is an ideal example of a woman who flaunts her curves with the utmost confidence and sass!


Law of the Overall look



According to a research conducted in France, men fall for an overall beautiful look rather than just for plump lips or bigger eyes. So if you have no distinct feature, You still got it gal!

How can one look so freaking gorgeous without any distinct facial features? Blake Lively’s beauty is making us so envious!

These laws have given plastic surgeons, cosmeticians and aestheticians a great boost. People have a predetermined list of attributes that they now know will make them look extraordinary and they are willing to get them no matter what. After all, the code to looking and feeling beautiful is now easier than it ever was.


Do you believe in these laws of beauty? Let us know in the comments below!

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