These Travel Beauty Hacks will Change Your Life!


Traveling is fun and all until you have to deal with beauty woes. Everybody wants to look great on vacations but it is really hard to carry all of your everyday essentials on a five day trip. But fret not dear readers! Team Be Beautiful is here to your rescue because we have compiled some beauty hacks that will change the way you travel.

Here are 6 travel beauty hacks to save time and luggage space.

1. Buy a tinted sunscreen

Combine your makeup and skincare routine in one simple step. Tinted sunscreens give a dewy glow, hide imperfections and provide broad spectrum protection from UV rays.

2. Blotting paper

Blotting papers are amazing at removing excess oil from your face while keeping the makeup in place. Simply dab them over the areas you get oily, like your nose and forehead.

3. Load up on travel-sized products

Save space in your makeup bag by getting travel sized makeup, skincare and haircare essentials like concealer, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. Refillable containers are a pretty convenient option too if you don’t want to spend a lot on your beauty products.

4. Contact lens case is your savior

Other than storing your contacts (if you wear any) in the case, you can also buy a few and fill them up with makeup primer, sunscreen and foundation to save some more space.

5. Prevent your products from leaking

The most common mistake people make while traveling is that they don’t pack their liquid products properly. Pack them individually in ziploc bags to prevent spilling. You can also switch your regular shampoo to a shampoo bar to prevent it from exploding all over your bag and save some more space.

6. Save your powders

Powder products are first to get damaged during traveling. Place a few cotton pads and inside your bronzer or blush and close the lid. Wrap it inside a shirt or hoodie to get some extra protection.

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